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Welcome to Optimal Credit!

Most people don’t like to talk about credit because they have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s necessary so you can buy a nice, reliable car and a house; on the other hand, it’s downright annoying with how the credit system functions.

Welcome to Optimal Credit, a credit repair company based in Los Angeles County! We are here to help you with the annoying task of improving your credit so you can have the things you want in this world today. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to our credit repair business and the services we offer. Contact us today to get started!


At Optimal Credit, we believe in options. After all, you may simply need one dispute filed or some credit repair advice, or you may need major credit repair services. That’s why we offer a variety of different credit repair packages to suit you and your needs.

Silver level. Our silver level of credit repair services is geared towards those looking for great credit repair on a budget. Optimal Credit aims to give you perfect credit within seven to 12 months with unlimited credit challenges submitted to the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). We’ll perform monthly credit interventions with unlimited customer support.

Gold level. Optimal Credit’s most popular option, our gold level credit repair services aim to give you perfect credit faster — within four to six months instead of longer. With the gold level, you’ll receive a personal credit advisor, as well as credit repair training materials. 

Platinum level. For our most aggressive option, choose Optimal Credit’s platinum level of credit repair services. This level expedites your credit repair process, aiming to get you amazing credit within 90 days. At this level, you’ll receive credit monitoring with fraud protection, as well as cease and desist letters.

Credit inquiry removal. If you are looking for a la carte options, Optimal Credit’s inquiry removal is one of them. You can choose to have inquiries removed for all non-account holding inquiries.

Pay per deleted item. You can choose to focus on getting certain items deleted from your credit report with this credit repair service. Be aware that before Optimal Credit can have items deleted from your credit report, we do need to know what is on your credit report. Hence, fees will apply for auditing your credit report first. However, you only pay after results have been achieved.

Do-it-yourself credit repair. Optimal Credit’s DIY credit repair services are for those who wish to do their own credit repair themselves. We’ll supply you with the tools to do so, while you work at your own pace. The goal, however, is to have perfect credit within six months or less.

Credit repair consultations. Optimal Credit’s credit repair and dispute experts are available to answer any questions you may have about credit repair in general or our credit repair services. Prices vary based on time of consultation.


Bottom line is you have to have good credit to function in this society. Hence, Optimal Credit based in Los Angeles County but serving customers nationwide, began to help you gain better credit. Fixing your credit is time-consuming and requires a lot of background knowledge in the credit industry. When you partner with credit repair experts, such as Optimal Credit in Los Angeles County, you’ll receive prompt credit repair service to get you on the right track quickly. From submitting cease and desist letters to having inaccurate items removed from all three major credit bureaus, your credit is guaranteed to rise if not soar. Contact us today to get started!

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