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More Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

In our last blog post, Optimal Credit in Los Angeles, the best credit repair company offering credit solutions nationwide, went over tips to improve your credit score. In this second part of our series, we will reveal more tips to improve your credit score so you can have the things in life that make your work worthwhile. Contact us today to get started!


  • Invest in credit repair services. Most of us lead extremely busy lives, from shuffling kids to and fro and grocery shopping to going on weekend getaways and cleaning our homes. Hence, repairing your credit could be one of those tasks that you mean to get around to doing, but never do — which can hurt you when you do need to make a big purchase, such as a motorhome. When you partner with Optimal Credit in Los Angeles, you will get the best credit repair services that will focus on what you need to do to improve your credit. We’ll take a look at your report and then tailor a credit repair solution for you.
  • Pay your collections, garnishments, and other back-owed debt. Having debt on your credit report that is old and unpaid truly knocks your credit score down significantly. Even if you’re in a dispute with the company whom you owe money too and you think you’re in the right, it can be better to just pay the amount owed and be done with it than fight the company, especially if the amount is not a lot of money. It’s good to stick to your principles, but you have to choose which battles to fight.
  • Only apply for credit that you need. If you apply for every credit card that every store you visit in the mall offers you, they will pull your credit. This shows up as an inquiry on your credit report. Too many inquiries sends a signal to the credit bureaus that you are looking to add a lot of debt to your portfolio. Hence, your credit score can go down as a result to warn other companies of this perceived tendency. Furthermore, you may be applying for a credit card at a lot of companies and being denied, another red flag to the credit bureaus. Hence, Optimal Credit in Los Angeles recommends that you only apply for credit when you need it.


While fixing your credit is not exactly hard, it does require some persistence, a change in your spending behavior perhaps, and the right methods. Optimal Credit in Los Angeles has years of experience in helping people fix their credit. We’ll leverage our expertise to dispute charges and debt on your credit report and follow up with bureaus, creditors, and collectors to improve your credit score within a few months. When you partner with us, you’ll have unlimited access to our customer support team, as well as a personal credit advisor. We even offer a DIY option that will provide you with the materials you need to fix your own credit. Contact us today to get started!

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